[kj] This is a callout from the United Gathering of Aotearoa.

Brendan Quinn bq at soundgardener.co.nz
Thu Feb 11 18:23:14 EST 2016

Five minutes from now there could be a BOOM louder than a thousand Suns (depending on the Sun), then all of a sudden we’re walking upside down, speaking Chinese. (In NZ at least…everyone in the UK would be walking upside-down, speaking Kiwi, remarking that the butter is FAR better than they were led to believe; so was Lydon just saying that for the money?! This changes everything! etc) 


Upside-down, deaf Kiwis, trying to get English subtitles working on Infowars.com through the Great Firewall of China, complaining about butter; hardly a laughing matter. 


PS: Please keep this channel clear for priority Jaz Coleman intel / cheeseboard selection comms etc.


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Pole Shifters ..ohh err lol


Looking forward to the comedy club night then?


On 11 February 2016 at 22:20, Brendan Quinn <bq at soundgardener.co.nz <mailto:bq at soundgardener.co.nz> > wrote:

All Gatherers, Multitudes, Loving Masses, Madding Crowds, Pandys, Cytherans,
Birds of a Feather ("Flockers"), Pole Shifters, Wintergardeners, Dregs /
Unspeakables, Leaders, Followers, Dominators / Domineering, End Gamers, Dark
Forces / Dark Forcers, Lightbringers, Flesh Pleasurers, Punks, Post Punks,
Goths, Post Goths, Metallers, Folk Metallers, The Third Chapter, Loose
Cannons, Pandemoaners, Prozac People, Decaf People, Chaos Mathematicians /
Chaos Breakfasters; Jana: ARE YOU RECEIVING?

Mr Coleman's identification is on file. The movements of his day, and
haunts, are known.
We have orders from the New Government to detain him immejitly should he
leave the Greater Cythera area by any means (inc. Astral Projection, Skype
Subject may have access to a Primobile, and Motorola DynaTAC.

Iceland, the Western Sahara*, The European Superstate, The Basements of
Hell, The Spare Room of Hell, North of the Border, New Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Before the Gate / Outside the Gate, The Land of Milk & Honey, Inside the
Termite Mound, The Rubicon, Wintergardens, Survivor: Killing Joke Island,
and Cythera.

Subject's Soothsayer and Judas Goat is being detained without access to Gems
of Power, Ouija board, Infowars.com, intestines, or 0900 number calling, to
prevent inauspicious astrological proclamation / cancellation / lamentation.

All psychic channels are to be monitored 24/7 ($7.99 / minute, kids ask a
Gatherer first).

*Directions: Go to Sahara in 1840; turn west.

Have a Nice Day.

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What are the odds this gets cancelled at the last moment?  99 to 1?


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