[kj] Jaz, Spoken word, one off in NZ.

Brendan Quinn bq at soundgardener.co.nz
Wed Feb 10 18:50:23 EST 2016

I was surprised who they cast as Kylo Ren; doesn’t look at all like Harrison Ford and Calista Flockheart Carrie Fisher. Can’t imagine there’s many roles for someone with those looks…

*         Perpetual understudy to Adrien Brody

*         The Jesus in The Big Lebowski 2

*         Severian Snape in the next Harry Potter JK Rowling movie: Hermoine Granger and the Patriarchy Safe-Zone

*         The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 47 3/4
A Young Jaz Coleman?




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He looks a bit like Kylo Ren. Wouldn't have thought Jaz was the type to try to cash in on the success of a billion dollar franchise.


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> In a comedy club? Could be interesting ...lol



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