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‘Going Over to The Dark Side’
A light hearted look at the state of world affairs by the Dark Lord
Anyone who knows Jaz Coleman knows he’s never at a loss for words.
The iconic front man for post punk legends Killing Joke has been speaking
his mind for over 30 years. Like the music of Killing Joke, Coleman can be
brutal, confrontational and impossible to ignore. But those lucky fans who
are able to attend his one-off spoken word performance at Auckland’s
Classic Comedy Bar, will find that Jaz is an intelligent, insightful, and
yes, humorous commentator on the state of world affairs.
Coleman’s “Going Over To The Dark Side” show will touch on issues and
topics important to all New Zealanders including Globalization, Climate
Change, American Politics and the controversial TPPA.
Jaz has been busy this past year. Killing Joke’s latest album, Pylon,
debuted at number one on the UK rock chart, while his book, Letters From
Cythera is headed for a second printing. There are also rumours of an
Orchestrated Killing Joke album to be released soon….
But New Zealand has always been close to Coleman’s heart…the British-born
artist is a NZ citizen and resident. Now he offers a chance for fans to
interact with him in an intimate venue, with a spoken-word performance
created specifically for New Zealanders.
Tickets are on sale now for this one-off event as the Killing Joke’s Jaz
Coleman shares his personal philosophy, ideas and opinions with his New
Zealand fans.

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> In a comedy club? Could be interesting ...lol
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