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I saw KJ in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland (among others) on that '94 tour. I was witnessed to by some religious college kids on a mission to the inner city outside the club, and actually met Jaz / Geordie for the first and only time at the Columbus show. I was the Intouch music-sampling kiosk guy; our gear was in Streetside records, Camelot Music, etc.

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I have a great tale to tell concerning Pigface and Killing Joke.

Around '94 KJ were touring the US (with opening act Stabbing Westward). That same month, Martin Atkins' Pigface were touring the states, and having worked briefly as a "Field Rep" for Invisible Records, I had a free pass for the Pigface show. The bands were set to play Cincinnati just a day apart, so I'd see Pigface on night 1 and Killing Joke on night 2. Cool deal.

Well, my car broke down the first night so I had to miss Pigface. At least the 3.5 hour trip wasn't a waste, as I got the car fixed in time for the KJ show (I think it was at Bogart's). It was a great show, and somehow during the KJ set, a Pigface flyer found it's way on stage. Jaz caught sight of it, gave it an inquisitive glance, made a face and some smarmy comment, and proceeded to wipe his ass with it.

Needless to say, there was some bad blood between Martin and Jaz, well-documented already, but this was pretty hilarious to me!

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I saw them every time they were in the MI area up through the tour of tales of thee underground. The records sucked by that point and cast of characters was worse.

Anyway. Most memorable Raven/Pigface moment was Blind Pig, Ann Arbor. Tiny place for Pigface. Great show. They started the show with 4 track loop noise while several members sprayed air freshener. Crescendo was Raven singing dual vocals wth En Esch to Murder Inc.

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Any Gatherers ever see 'em play live? I thought their live album, "Welcome to Mexico...Asshole" was great. Although I gather Jaz wasn't too impressed by their Industrial experimental sound?


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