[kj] KJ Symphonic album in the works

Peter Moltesen sneakypete at uwclub.net
Mon Feb 8 11:46:27 EST 2016

Is this the Record Store Day thing that someone was alluding to a few weeks
Could be interesting - then again it could be self indulgent

wasn't keen on Jaz' Led Zeppelin /Pink Floyd symphonic albums, possibly
because I've listened to both
bands enough in my lifetime and really don't want to ever have to listen to
them again (unless its Pink Floyd 1969-71 which I never tire of) 
 so I will approach with caution.........................

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Hey all...
I can't remember if Joel Gausten's on the Gathering or not, but here's his
recent chat with Youth...


...evidently a symphonic Killing Joke album is next on the docket.



Alex in NYC
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