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having grown up listening to the Mamas and the Papas, Beatles, Stones, Supertramp and Genesis on full blast probably cos my parents were shagging downstairs i had come to the following conclusions:
1)Mamas & Papas-Tunes!
2)Beatles-best one George
3)Stones-Utter Shit
4)Supertramp-best ever singing voice I've heard live-Roger Hodgson-We've seen him a few times now.
5)Genesis-they were listening to the early stuff.Since then I think two of the best tracks I've heard live are in the cage medley and second home by the sea because of the 2 drummers bouncing off each other.But..I saw them with Ray Wilson on vocals and they were brilliant-all that new stuff was written mainly by Tony Banks,one of the most underated musicians of our time and i was just filing away my cds and i always like to look at the credits and looked at Tony Banks early 90s release-drums by Geoff Dugmore!They must have had pots of money to burn.For all you OTG followers Tony Banks is the man.
So I would like to hear an album with music composed by Geordie and Tony Banks as a side project of course.
Thanks for your patience
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