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I`m not sure its going to go the way your saying  T.B as several months ago the mainstream media was telling us there was zero chance that Trump could get the nomination but that seems to have quickly vanished down the memory hole. The Democratic convention also showed a massively split party with hundreds of delegates all booing Hillary and shouting for Bernie Sanders-many of them walking out -Many  appeared to be in a state of shock that Bernie came out and endorsed Hillary. The mainstream media have never been shy of hiding their dislike of Trump so that`s nothing new, and as for `something better coming along in 4 years` Hillary has been nailed on to get the nomination for the past 8 years and has been just sitting on the back burner. I had a conversation with work colleagues 3-4 years ago guaranteeing them that Hillary was going to be next and they were denying that she would even run-when I remind them of it now they start looking at their shoes. The whole fuss over racism relted to `the Wall` seems to have decreased now that people  have discovered what Mexico has on its southern border with Guatemala, and I can see the Trump vote increasing exponentionally in relation to the percentage of mentalists going beserk in public which seems to be increasing by the week. They may as well be campaigning for Trump. I dont think they`ve really thought it through properly.
I agree with your last paragraph and I don`t really think it covers Obama in glory. Is what we have now the unspecified `Change` people voted for??



CLINTON CASH OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY MOVIE ( FULL )<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM>

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There is almost zero chance Trump will get elected in November despite the
vocal minority in his corner.  The fact that he got to be the Republican
nominee speaks more to the fact that party is in total disarray and they had
a group of really shitty choices (Bush3, Cruz, etc).  Now that Trump is
their nominee, the party is splitting wide open with more and more leaders
in the party actively saying they'll vote for Clinton.  And it goes without
saying the mainstream media isn't even hiding their dislike of Trump at this

Clinton is by no means a great choice but I think you'll find people who are
on the fence will hold their nose and give her the vote and hope someone
better from either party comes along in 4 years.

The only thing to be taken by this election cycle is the majority of
Americans are more divided than ever and the country (and the world for that
matter) is quickly eclipsing the end of the 60's for most turbulent times
since WWII.

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