[kj] Off topic: What could happen next with brexit & trump

T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Wed Aug 3 15:49:51 EDT 2016

There is almost zero chance Trump will get elected in November despite the
vocal minority in his corner.  The fact that he got to be the Republican
nominee speaks more to the fact that party is in total disarray and they had
a group of really shitty choices (Bush3, Cruz, etc).  Now that Trump is
their nominee, the party is splitting wide open with more and more leaders
in the party actively saying they'll vote for Clinton.  And it goes without
saying the mainstream media isn't even hiding their dislike of Trump at this

Clinton is by no means a great choice but I think you'll find people who are
on the fence will hold their nose and give her the vote and hope someone
better from either party comes along in 4 years.

The only thing to be taken by this election cycle is the majority of
Americans are more divided than ever and the country (and the world for that
matter) is quickly eclipsing the end of the 60's for most turbulent times
since WWII.

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