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Well Done!
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Nice one Kevin, Cheers.
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OK Im  not holding out on this KJPylon website doing anything soom so Ive had a bash at tryint to translate some of
the lyrics-I know some of it is probably wrong- I ran out of time for some of the songs....
Pylons.. ????????
Human transmitters re-structure reality
Smart dust and barium sprayed at high altitude
Ingested  nanobots  ????????
On the skyline-the Pylons are there
Modulating our  reality - Dawn Of The Hive
Ingest  hologram – visions  ?????
Signals inducing inter-cerebral heaven
Modulating realities by their frequency
Dawning the hive mind by Pylons and ????
Microwave to satellite post ??
On the skyline the pylons are there
??? frequencies to alter ??
Modulating our reality –Dawn Of The Hive
The all seeing eye that never sleeps
Dawning the hive mind by pylons and ?????
??????? to tower??? Days of dread
   ???? the ways of the herd-- Normalisation
Microwave to satellite posts
On the skyline-the pylons are there
???? frequencies to alter ?????
Modulating our reality-  Dawn Of The Hive
Closing in on the Eastern border is a unicentric one world order
?????? -capitulation. Its an orchestrated end of Nations
Food prices soaring as the sanctions kicks in, and all the hordes cry `More`???
Oil prices falling, and the propaganda..has won??
??? has decreed-a state of attrition -hostilities --New Cold War
In the arctic wastes under sheets of ice-Minimal resourses-????
Occupation-Ensure supply?-Clour coded revoloutions-Sustain the lie?
Food prices soaring........
Breaking in a cold sweat just like the good old days
The ?? of hostilities have started to play
A perverted thrill reminicent of the big chill
Hair trigger-Giving everyone a shiver..
Food prices soaring.........
Is freedom so great- to fight for food
Compete for shelter- who is the top dog
Is it the winter of humankind?
What has become of us?
What made us blind?
After `disclosure` comes--Man takes his rightful place -Amongst the stars-
The Celestial Barque awaits
One by one- we look to the sun behind the sun
Cast our stations - Into the unknown
I stride in fury and forgetfulness-Toward the house of hate and death
Oh how lonely is the Earth?- as greed and blood and weapons curse
To every man the hope above-To every child- the tale of love
Between the lips our cities are built-One law to follow-do what you will
Understand it has taken over-
Understand the extent of the problem
Understand you are part of the sickness
??????????? the good life????????
Like a virus and  dispossessed of ?????
When they crave they  possess  their identity
Like a plague ?????????????????
Extolling greed as a virtue
Plague- on every ???--Plague-????????Plague-???????????
Plague-they prey on their host
???????????????? and aspiration
As Gaia died of asphyxiation
Dominating is certain extinction
Plague  etc……..
This is paradise-the endless ???
Broken windows and empty malls
Society crumbles and Stomachs rumble
Incarcerated on these shores ..thy kingdom come ?????
Star Spangled tale of madness(??)- Imperial ??????????
National security. ? End of democracy  ??? and strangled- star spangled
Defiler of Gaia-Leecher of oil-Devourer of ???-???????????????
Caused by- nuclear fission-inherently wrong
Blinded by greed- thy kingdom come-thy kingdom come..
Self censorship-self policing--Shaping human behaviour
Computer games-low attention span-Distraction for the servile brain
Inside the Panopticon- you don’t have to have your phone on
All behaviour calibrated from bulk meta-data
Weishaupt comes alive-The All seeing eye
All your habits -All your movements-All your sexual preferences
All your colleagues- all your friendships-How often you take a shit
All your debts- All your bets-All your hopes and fears are known
Consolidation- In every nation-The great work is nearly done
Weishaupt comes alive-The All seeing eye
Everything is known – Here ends your ??  --All Privacy Gone --In the Panopticon
Retaining bulk metadata- to be held against you
The elitist leanings of man appeal to the corporations
Diminishing expectations can be seen in every nation-
`Many Tongues-One Voice` - The Great Work of ages come
Weishaupt comes alive-The All Seeing Eye
Everything is wrong-Here ends your ????--All privacy gone-in the Panopticon—
Fragmented communities-staring at the screens in silence
All night-surfing till the dawn- Everyone`s hooked on online porn
All the people indifferent to torture-The media gives the thumbs up for the Gaza slaughter
Shallow-no attention span- no empathy for the common man-
In Iraq- a cool million dead- How do you feel about being misled??
The Number one surveillance state ?? regulations and ??????
Demoralise. Manufactured enemies ..Divide the nation in the???
A ??  test?- Created by the West…..the army???
Look what we`ve  become- Brainwashed and (dumb????) (cattle??``)
Look what we`ve become- New Jerusalem
Another twat in the number 10 flat dancing to the tune of Goldman Sachs
Another knob-got the top job-selling out to corporations
Culture =  Adult entertainment. Calibrated to dumb down.
????? seeds and seedbanks. Vagrancy is a criminal offence.
Tear gas??? Open borders. ??? track in cyberspace.
Compulsory vaccination. Guilty till proved innocent.
DNA database expansion maintained without consent .
War On Freedom
Iris scanners,  biometrics, facial recognition software.
RFID Chips and ??? from the cradle to the grave
War On Freedom
No more needs for demonstrations- Militarised ??? force (??)
Illegal trade agreements conducted behind closed doors
Bilderberg  and private forums, media monopolies shaping convention wisdom.
Bye Bye sweet  Liberty
In this dimension everything is possible, ????travel, multiverse and timelines
Prime?? vision, becoming more than humankind, Prometheus is rising
Through the portal faster than the speed of light-????fibre optic ??? metamorphise till there is human / alien – Prometheus is rising
Suddenly I can see for eternity- Suddenly time just melts away-
 And I ?????????????? as I learn from the stars??
Realisation- creating our reality-visualising-infecting our legalities?? Creators and architects of distant worlds  -Prometheus is rising.
Splice genes together- Saturate the universe. Transhuman dreams-deities of distant stars
Rebuild the colonies and temples of Cydonia-Prometheus is rising
In this dimension everything is possible, ????  travel, multiverse and timelines
Prime vision, becoming more than humankind, Prometheus is rising
Eighty five people own half the world-   It`s raining barium and no-ones concerned
Constructing chaos,??????? Circumventing constitutions-They`ll never stop..
????? Delete  ??? Delete
Perpetual conflict the only law- Desirability of peace shall be no more
?????? is always war—the ??? of progress-  God of the  West
Cabals- self electing Elites- ??? Delete  ????? Delete
When getting to work is more than you earn
When water tastes like waste and theres ????
While you pay their taxes-you pay their debts- You buy their????????????
Cabals – central banks- self electing elites- Delete -- ?????  Delete
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