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kevin patrickvieira at msn.com
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Yeah definateely- he looked like he was killing himself with Euphoria at that HMV thing.

On reflection and having had a bit more time to listen to the record now, I reckon Plague would have been a monster opening number.


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   1. Re: Roundhouse (jpwhkj at aol.com)


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Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 17:01:34 -0500
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Subject: Re: [kj] Roundhouse
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Yeah, I figured that was why Euphoria had gone.  Even at the HMV gig in London (i.e. at the beginning of the tour) it looked like Jaz was struggling with it.

That said, his vocals in LLB sounded ok (but maybe because I was too busy trying to hear Geordie's guitar).


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From: npscott <npscott at blueyonder.co.uk>
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Subject: Re: [kj] Roundhouse

I loved Inside The Termite Mound as an opener, Communion although getting old was a great opener too.

Judging from the live footage I have seen on Youtube of Euphoria in Glasgow I think it might have been dropped as they have done previously with other tunes such as Raven King due to Jaz's voice just not holding up...some tracks just do not work well for them live...I think Euphoria is one of them.

As far as Pole Shift goes, surprisingly even on the MMXII tour they did not open with it, and it would have been a perfect opener...for the UK tour (absent from my memory so I checked Setlist.fm) they opened with ESS.

   On 09 November 2015 at 19:23 "adrianwason at btinternet.com" <adrianwason at btinternet.com> wrote:

I thought the way they opened up the 2 gigs I saw on this tour were good but poor compared to what Killing Joke can do.

The best opener IMO is Inside The Termite Mound

Or Communion, to think we were getting bored of this as an opener?!!!!

Also thought Tomorrow's World was good

I think more slow tempo tracks should be openers so in my dreams For The Love Of The Masses.

The most frustrating thing about Killing Joke is that they drop the new stuff as soon as they can, witness Delete on Friday or Euphoria...

Most bands who had written such stunning tracks as Poleshift , Colony Collapse or even Fema Camp would still continue to play them.

For my money I would open with Poleshift and start the encore with Termite Mound or vice versa

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>From : vassifer at earthlink.net
Date : 09/11/2015 - 15:31 (GMTST)
To : gathering at misera.net
Subject : Re: [kj] Roundhouse

     I?ve heard the use ?Booids? by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, ?Force & Fire? from Jaz?s thing with Ann Dudley (Songs from the Victorious City), ? Tales of the Future? by Vangelis (from the ?Blade Runner? soundtrack) and ... yes ... ?Masked Ball? from ?Ass Wide Shit.?

     Alex in NYC

       On Nov 9, 2015, at 10:25 AM, Simon Usher <       louiecipher33 at hotmail.com> wrote:

        Yeah I certainly don't recall them using that as intro pre Eyes Wide Shut.
Anyway as I was already aware of who wrote that particular piece what I wanted to know was the name of the piece of music before it.

From:          kjlist at live.com
To:          gathering at misera.net
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 14:43:39 +0000
Subject: Re: [kj] Roundhouse

          "The Eyes Wide Shut music is by Jocelyn Pook and its called Masked Ball from Flood which is quite a good album.  Killing Joke used it way before the film!!!!!"

I don't want to start shit; only to respectfully point out that "Masked Ball" by Jocelyn Pook was written specifically for the... masked ball scene in "Eyes Wide Shut" and was based on a previous piece she had written called "Backwards Priests" in 1997. Her album "Flood" came out in 1999, the same year as the movie. KJ often mix it with the "Blade Runner" track by Vangelis.

As always, I welcome rebuttals from the better informed.

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Sent: Sunday, November 8, 2015 4:33 PM
To: A list about all things Killing Joke (the band!)
Subject: Re: [kj] Roundhouse

              Went with my mate Ben, who isn't a massive kj fan, but he does like Jah Wobble and we got into the venue just before Wobble came on stage. Id never seen him live before. Brilliant support act for killing joke, very entertaining and the crowd seemed appreciative.

              I must admit, Ive fallen out of love with killing joke in recent years. Cant say that the last few albums have really done much for me, apart from the odd couple of songs here and there. My initial reaction to the new album was much the same. However, ive been listening to it a lot while driving about for work and its really grown on me. Some of the tracks which I initially rejected have now become firm favourites. Into the Unknown for one. Live, this was the highlight of my night. Disappointed they didn't play Delete, which is definitely the best on the album in my opinion. Exorcism was fantastic, also Fall of  Because and Madness, but I don't think anyone would be too disappointed if they dropped Asteroid from the set entirely.

              We were standing just inside the ring of pillars and the sound there wasn't too bad actually. Big Paul sounded immense, vocals were clear, Geordie could have been a little higher in the mix but you could still hear what he was doing, Youth was just a rumble though. Not the best sound but Ive heard them sounding a lot worse.

              Bumped into Antoni outside for a brief chat then headed back to Bens place just off Holloway Road, where we proceeded to get right royally shit-faced and I finally crashed out on the floor about 4 o'clock. Got up the next day to find not one, but TWO parking tickets on my car! 130 fucking quid!

              Oh well, we still had a great night

              On 7 November 2015 at 16:47, jpwhkj--- via Gathering               <              gathering at misera.net>               wrote:

               So, the setlist:

                 The Wait

                 Autonomous Zone

                 The Fall of Because


                 Beautiful Dead

                 I Am the Virus



                 Money Is Not Our God


                 Dawn of The Hive



                 Into The Unknown




                 Turn To Red


                 Love Like Blood


                I was seated upstairs - front seat, great view, but still slightly sad not to be getting sweaty and battered down the front.

                The track I was most looking forward to, based on recent setlists, was Delete, so it was a bit galling that they dropped it... on the other hand, several less-recent numbers were absolute stormers, so overall no complaints!  Particularly good ones for me were:

                Fall of Because (the first KJ track that really grabbed me, all those years ago)


                Beautiful Dead

                I am the Virus



                Contrary to expectations, I rather enjoyed Wardance and Pandemonium.  The former certainly got a large section of the crowd going.

                The sound was a bit disappointing.  Too loud, I thought, and Geordie's guitar didn't really come through in all its glory.  Especially disappointing for LLB, which lives and dies on the guitar.

                Best thing was probably having such a great view of the whole band, all the way back to Big Paul.  He was absolutely pounding those drums... fearsome energy all the way through.



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