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This actually got pretty heavy video play back in, what, '94? It was good to see BPF in...something. I still have the CD, in my "One Song per Disc: the 90's" section, along with Kommunity FK, Miss World and Dink. ;)

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Hey all….
Word just came down the pike that the building that was formerly known as The Bank on East Houston here in NYC is slated to demolition. Back in the early 90’s, the Bank (a former bank — shocker) because a “goth/industrial” club. I caught a couple of shows there, notably a messy collision of Cop Shoot Cop, Foetus and Of Cabbages and Kings (featuring Algis Kizys from SWANS).
Anyhoo, I was going to write up a little eulogy for the place for my silly weblog. In doing so, I was looking for some images or videos to augment the post, and came upon a clutch of clips by an NYC band called The Ancients, who were essentially kind of a goth band at the time. I saw them once or twice, but never at the Bank.
The lead singer of the Ancients was this dude named Fred Schreck. After the Ancients failed to sign a lucrative record deal, Fred hooked up with ex-Banshees guitarist John Carruthers and our own Big Paul Ferguson and formed the band CRUSH.
Little did I know until stumbling upon it today that they’d made a video…..see it here (including some signature shots of BPF at the kit)…
Today, of course, both Fred *AND* Big Paul (and possibly Carruthers as well) contribute alongside the Gathering’s own Frank Coleman in John “Psych Fur” Ashton’s Satellite Paradiso.
Anyway, enjoy.
-Alex in NYC
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