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I think your right Rob, defo one dimensional but could not work out why.  Shame as the potential not fulfilled but still like it despite the obvious faults.


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Think he vocals are one dimensional and too much reverb. Masks the playing (might be a good thing!!!) and makes it all sound rather mushy


Played the album a few times but doesn't grab me. 



Quite liking Slaves and Turbowolf at the moment though. 

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Really like the album a lot but always feel something is not quite right with it – not sure if it is the production or the band but feel it could be even better. 


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… don’t half remind me of killing joke.

vocals could be off Pssyche and I wonder where oh where the inspiration for the riff to Tough Luck came from?

it must be one of the most used/adapted/cribbed riffs in history!



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