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The London Premiere could not be more prestigious than this.
Only the BFI !!!
Awesome :)

	The Death and Resurrection Show + Q&A with Jaz Coleman and director Shaun Pettigrew

	Watch the definitive film about seminal post-punk band Killing Joke.


Feb 19, 2015  7:50 PMOn sale20-01-2015 11:30 AM

	UK-New Zealand 2014
	Directed by Shaun Pettigrew
	With Jaz Coleman, Big Paul, Youth, Geordie, Dave Grohl, Jimmy Page
	150 min

	Formed during a fire ritual that burned down their flat, Killing Joke 
exploded onto the British post-punk music scene in 1978. They rapidly 
built a mythical status from their esoteric beliefs, controversial 
imagery and genre-defining experimentation; their influence spanned 
industrial rock, classical symphonies, psychedelic trance and 80s pop, 
and inspired the likes of Nirvana, Metallica, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails 
and Soundgarden. Through a barrage of music, archive footage and deeply 
personal interviews shot over the last 12 years, The Death and 
Resurrection Show provides the definitive story of Killing Joke – from 
rituals at Stonehenge to recording sessions in the Pyramids.

	Tickets £16, concs £12 (Members pay £1.50 less)

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