[kj] OT: Miles Hunt's tour diaries

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Tue Jan 6 11:52:00 EST 2015

Hunt was also a fan of The Mission, who they opened for on the Carved in Sand tour. Both Hunt and Jaz appear on the Mission's atrocious Masque album. Hunt contributes to the album's only decent song ("Who Will Love Me Tomorrow?") and Jaz provides orchestration and strings, although he didn't remember doing it when I asked years later.

Ironically, Masque is another Outside The Gate, a Wayne Hussey solo album that went over budget and was released as a Mission album on the record company's insistence. 


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 Subject: [kj]  OT: Miles Hunt's tour diaries
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 Date: Tuesday, 6 January, 2015, 17:40
 I’m sure it’s a mark
 of impenetrable shame for most here, but I must confess to
 liking the Wonder Stuff, or at least in their late
 80’s-early 90’s incarnation. As such, I recently picked
 up Miles Hunt’s TOUR DIARIES 86-89, and it’s roundly
 They’ve not
 been invoked yet, but I know Miles himself was a vocal
 Killing Joke fan. 
 the sort of detail-specific book I wish Jaz Coleman’s was.
 Sorry, Jaz.
 Alex in NYC
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