[kj] You The Living say some nice things

Paul Rangecroft paul.rangecroft at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 14:56:10 EST 2015

Yes, I agree, it's not a very good clip to use as anyone new to the
band wouldn't get a very accurate impression of what they're like, and
since they picked the first album there would obviously be plenty of
decent other live renditions on YouTube.

Geordie does look immaculate. Raven has made the effort, too. Jaz
obviously suits nighttime better, badabumtish. Maybe they were all too
scared of him to suggest he got a haircut.

On 1/5/15, Rheinhold Squeegee <kjlist at live.com> wrote:
> Good for them, but why do these websites insist on using video from that
> Loreley show in '85? Jaz's helmet hair make me cringe a bit, but least he
> had lost the little moustache ;)
> Geordie looks great, as always, however, like he'd just stepped out of a
> Somerset Maugham short story, or a shampoo commercial.
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>> New band You The Living have decent musical taste at least:
>> http://louderthanwar.com/you-the-living-top-10-gothdark-albums/
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