[kj] Jah v KJ, Camden

nicholas fitzpatrick gasw30 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 3 09:45:22 EST 2015

Jah Wobble did it for me. More than Killing Joke, though no offence to Killing Joke, who were pretty good.

I didn't have much experience of PiL or Jah, but Jah's performance was fantastic. The rendition of Public Image was sublime. He was fun and funky.

I could have easily gone home after Jah, satisfied. In fact I virtually did. I was on my own (having failed to connect with any Gatherers in the two pubs of interest before hand). I had a headache and blocked ear, too. So I left about ten songs into KJ's set.

When I reluctantly took the decision to leave, I went to the bog for a waz and Requiem started. You've really no idea how majestically Geordie's guitar riff echoes off of porcelain. The curvature of the urinals really brings out a new quality.  So I was severely tempted to go back in (of the old stuff that we are all bored of live, I still rate Requiem the most), but I just went home. I felt a bit disloyal.

It amazed me to see the set list that someone posted. I left less than halfway through!

The worst thing is, I haven't even bought the new album yet. What's it called again?

But this is all just a temporary apathy. I still pledge my allegiance to Killing Joke.

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