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Brendan Quinn bq at soundgardener.co.nz
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I read an article on Zerohedge about that, couldn't really understand what Walmart's motive would have been, unless you buy into the deep-end Adam Jones stuff. (BLACK HELICOPTERS!)

ZH has gone downhill a bit, although their articles on HFT / algorithmic trading have been pioneering and spot on. But if you invested according to their advice you'd have been slaughtered between 2011 and now.


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These 5-6 walmarts in the states, randomly and suddenly closing due to 'plumbing issues '

Do we smell plumbing issues, or do we smell FE-MA CAMPS! If they need them...

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> the worlds getting crazier. 
> So much hatred, so much violence. It’s depressing.
> Am I alone in thinking something really bad is brewing
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