[kj] Killing Joke is not an Industrial band

Jim Harper jimharper666 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 25 15:37:51 EDT 2015

Personally, I wouldn't consider them industrial either. Some of their album (specifically EDAVRE, Pandemonium and MMXII) have an industrial 'flavour' to them, and they've obviously been an influence on the development of the genre (and the genre has clearly been a gateway to the band for many people), but I wouldn't consider them industrial per se; it's just one of several genres they dip their toes into.

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 Subject: [kj]  Killing Joke is not an Industrial band
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 Date: Saturday, 25 April, 2015, 15:50
 I’m gong to try to revive
 discussions here, as most of the KJ groups on Facebook are
 public, and I don’t necessarily want to trouble my
 non-Kj-addicted friends with my Joke-related concerns (more
 than I already do). 
 I’m sure we’ve addressed this at various points in the
 past, but why are Killing Joke ever cited as
 Maybe sensibility-wise they have something in common, but
 when it comes to the signature trappings of all things
 Industrial — whether your definition of same stems from
 originators like Throbbing Gristle, Neubauten and Cabaret
 Voltaire or laughable latter-day dinks who wear space
 goggles and black fishnet stockings in your local shopping
 mall — Killing Joke have never really strayed from
 guitar/bass/drums/keyboards. No banging on metal or
 pile-drivers of clinky-clanky things at all.
 I mean, there are assuredly elements of metal and punk (and,
 for that matter, traces of reggae and disco ) in the actual
 *sound* of the band, but I never had seen how they’ve been
 qualified as Industrial. Killing Joke are no more an
 industrial band than Public Image Ltd. are/were.
 Of course, loads of industrial bands have ripped Killing
 Joke off (hello, Ministry, NIN et al.), but that doesn’t
 make the `Joke industrial.
 At all.
 No it doesn’t.
 Weigh in, haters.
 Alex in NYC
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