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Good point Rob!
Happy B-Day Master-P!  hope it was a good'n.
On the KJ front, I will report that a few weeks back I had the distinct honor of meeting up, for a coupla pints in Brooklyn, with none other than... The One and ONLY.....  BIG PAUL FERGUSON!  I'd arranged to purchase one of the skull pendants he'd posted pictures of on FB recently.  It's a lovely work of art and you can totally see the attention to detail and craft that went into it.  And, as you all may have guessed, Big Paul was the coolest dude in that or any room.  Totally open and personable.  We had a really great chat.  And he says the new tunes that he and the boys are working on lately are sizing up to be MEGALITHIC!!!!  

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Is there any life here?

Potanga has a birthday! Celebrate!

And the are two new Kj vinyls for RSD

Facebook should not kill the Gathering!


Courtesy of half a bottle of whisky!!!


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