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Ski Patrol collects its recorded output on ‘Versions Of A Life (Recordings 1979-81)’

U.K. postpunk act Ski Patrol
next month will release a new anthology collecting the group’s recorded
output from 1979 to 1981, a 14-track collection that will include their
singles, previously unreleased mixes and songs from their final studio
session, their John Peel radio session and a new 2014 mix of
“Extinguish” by original engineer Mark Lusardi.

The new anthology is due out April 15, with Definitive Gaze/Receptors Music releasing CD and digital versions, and Dark Entries handling an abridged, 10-song vinyl pressing. The music has been digitally transferred, restored and remastered, according to the group.

The band — best known for its 1980 single “Agent Orange,” featuring
Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman on synth — was formed by the late singer Ian
Lowery, guitarist Nick Clift and bassist Peter Balmer (who left in 1981
to join Fad Gadget), and combined dub and punk influences over a trio of

Those are collected on the new set, along with three unreleased
tracks from their final studio session, with drummer Alan Cole, plus
three songs recorded for Peel’s BBC show that aired in 1981, plus the
new mix of “Extinguish” by Lusardi, who engineered the recording of the
original track in April 1981.

Below, check out the full tracklist and stream the new mix of
“Extinguish” — which is also available as an instant download for those
who pre-order the anthology on iTunes — and the original “Agent Orange.”

Tracklist: Ski Patrol, Versions Of A Life (Recordings 1979-81)

1. “Everything Is Temporary”

2. “Silent Scream”

3. “Agent Orange”

4. “Driving”

5. “Extinguish” (March ’81 Dub Mix)

6. “Cut” (Alternate Version)

7. “Faith In Transition” (Alternate Version)

8. “Extinguish” (April ’81 Vocal Mix)

9. “A Version Of A Life”

10. “Concrete Eternal”

11. “Extinguish” (BBC John Peel Session)

12. “Cut” (BBC John Peel Session)

13. “Where The Buffalo Roam” (BBC John Peel Session)

14. “Extinguish” (Mark Lusardi’s 2014 Restoration Mix)


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