[kj] writing through Cythera #02

Mark Kolmar mkolmar at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 20:08:43 EDT 2014

The previous try was written in a dense, flowery, and refracted style. That
was kind of the point.

I've ordered a batch of the 2014 Midnight Oil remasters from an independent
seller. (Not sure I would know a mass-market retailer in Australia to
contact.) Again, the bit about the cheap radios is one for the ages -
certainly for you here. I could only add, "Man hates what he resembles."

The passages about education read, to me, as long prose-poems on the topic
of learning and knowledge. Similarly, "Kaph", on earth science, like an
attempt to document the act of wonder. Without a suggested bibliography.

So let's say, what are some data or measurable parameters that explain
variations in plant growth, animal populations, etc. that are
observed/reported around these important points and faults? If dowsing or
divination have any basis in observable phenomena, eventually a type of
semi-objective folk wisdom can arise from subjective judgments based on
patterns (as in medicine). It should be possible to quantify important
measurements (as in physics) without actually changing the world.

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