[kj] writing through Cythera, #01

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Congrats on (a) reading the book (I haven't even tried), and (b) the impending birth. ;-)


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I am reading Jaz Coleman, Letters From Cythera, at a pace. This should be the first in a series of conversations.

Regarding Midnight Oil and their front-man (some say "singer") - Any practical politician is determined, and by their success bound, to become median and detestable. These are simply different job descriptions than persons who write prose-poetry about earth sciences. The bit about cheap radios is precious. I fail to see the gross malignancy.

Despite almost all of the assurances of medical science, a person who they say will be my daughter is due in early August. I own an old house (mortgaged), near top of the 2nd tier of Milwaukee, around students, hipsters, solidly realistic families, some young techs, and generally a cross section of the city. A good pupil will thrive in public schools, and benefit from the range and density. We will make sure.

Will follow on other topics later.


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