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If you start recycling other people's lyrics without proper credit, you will get in trouble for it, but riddims (rhythmn tracks) are available to everyone. This can lead to bizarre situations where several tracks in the charts are built around the same riddim.

There's a Japanese singer who is heavily into reggae and dancehall. She was most surprised to learn from some of her musical heroes that it was absolutely okay to use riddims from other tracks and that no-one was going to sue her for it. They consider a great way for developing artists to 'learn the trade', find out how your heroes create their sound. "Reggae is free, so do what you like", was one pertinent comment. 


So, Youth
 didn't rip off the bass line, he paid respectful homage
 to a long-standing cultural tradition.
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 "Ghosts of LG" influence track:
 The recycling of
 rhythms in Jamaican music has never gone away, & is
 probably more prevalent (& with a wider range of source
 material) than ever. This explains it better than I could
 hope to:
 On 24 June 2014 22:06,
 Rheinhold Squeegee <kjlist at live.com>
 Lazer Attack was the one I was looking
 for, but thanks for the other tracks as well, especially
 Horace Andy.
 There was
 apparently a lot of "borrowing" and re-purposing
 of rhythm tracks in reggae back in the day.  Kind of like
 all those Disney animated features from the 60 - 70's
 with exactly the same sequences because nobody imagined
 being able to compare them side-by-side.
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