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pssyche23 antoni at clara.net
Fri Jun 20 14:34:03 EDT 2014

It also features Will Crewdson who played the recent Dirk Wears White Sox
gig in London plus Spike Smith who has played drums for Killing Joke ...
sounds interesting ... they have a London gig on 17th July 2014.






Black Volition is a brand new project by Reza Udhin, who's best known for
being the keyboard player with legendary band Killing Joke. Black Volition's
debut show will also feature: Will Crewdson on guitar, who's a London-based
guitarist/writer/producer best known for his work with the UK band Rachel
Stamp, US singer Johnette Napolitano, Flesh for Lulu, Adam Ant and Bow Wow
Wow, Roi Roberston of London Electronic band Mechanical Cabaret on keyboards
and Drummer extraordinaire Spike Smith who has drummed with Morrissey,
Conflict and The Damned to name but a few. Think of Black Volition as a
soundtrack to a David Lynch picture; mixing dirgy blues, dark cabaret, and
twisted electronics into their own unique sound. www.blackvolition.com



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