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Jaz voted for the Greens in New Zealand. Peter Garrett is an Australian.


Australians are basically like evil New Zealanders ;) 


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I remember Jaz said he has only ever voted once in his life for the Greens,
but he got pissed off with Peter Garrett (calling him an 'Australian monkey'
in a video) who left the Greens and joined Labour supporting the presence of
American bases and the theft of indigenous Aboriginal land.


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Whenever I hear of the Green Party a 10 second Alas Smith & Jones sketch
always leaps to mind (in much the same way I always go 'doo-doo, d' doo-doo'
in my head whenever I hear the word 'phenomena')


Griff Rhys Jones stood on a cliff with the sea behind him, in a sweater &

"I'm a member of the Green Party & our defence policy is to grow a very
large hedge.."




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