[kj] OT: UKIP - The anti-Killing Joke party?

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Not that we're twins or anything, but...

I would much rather have conviction politicians than the spin-doctor-controlled clones that we've had for the past 20 years or so.  Inevitably, that means that I will totally disagree with some of them (maybe all of them), but at least it'll be an honest, knock-down, drag-out fight, rather than the death-by-blandness that we get these days.


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I'd that if I sat down in a pub with Farage I would disagree with him on everything, and I can see no plausible scenario in which I would vote UKIP.

That said, I struggle to vote for any party, and am deeply disenchanted with the main ones.  I suspect that a lot of people feel the same, and that some (many?) of them will vote UKIP.


totally agree with my southern namesake.
Next elections, I have decided to exercise my democratic right of not voting. I am sick of all the constipated smiles & falseness that dominate British politics more so now than ever. I’m sure it was never as bad as it is now. They all just prattle on about nothing - and the same nothing at that! It’s grown up tongue pulling, the political equivalent of trying to pull each other pants down in front of the girls so they can laugh & say how much bigger theres is. And anyones answer to anything seems to a bunch of meaningless statistics with a date thrown in.
I’ll give Farage one thing, he’s not afraid of a scrap & will speak his mind. As much as I fervently disagree with pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth, he seems to be about the only one being genuine.
Which is scary.

Northern Jamie (although I was born in Lambeth...)

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