[kj] OT: Does anyone work in technical communication / knowledge management / usability or similar? I need a hand.

Brendan Quinn bq at soundgardener.co.nz
Sun Jun 1 06:41:53 EDT 2014



I'm doing a postgrad technical communication course, and have an assignment
where I need to interview someone who works in the field: technical
communication, knowledge management, information design, web / intranet
design, usability and so forth... 


I had an interview all lined up, but the guy hasn't answered my emails for a
bit. If anyone works in the field, I'd love to interview you. Happy to
donate some coin to your favourite charity for your time.


I know Culturevirus was working for Boeing as a technical communicator but I
think he dropped off list? Like Bo and Darren Peace and that guy from Texas
and Cliff Monk and a few other stalwarts... 


Thanks  y'all.



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