[kj] Pink Floyd and Two-Degrees of Killing Joke:

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Tue Jul 22 17:05:31 EDT 2014

Well, thanks to the beauty of the internet, far more reliable than my memory. I was sure they played Sanity. But then again, I was sure they played nothing off night time!

21 November 1986: Manchester, Apollo:
Setlist: Twilight Of The Mortal/ Chessboards/ Kings And Queens/ Darkness Before Dawn/ Night Time/ Love Like Blood/ Love Of The Masses/ Sun Goes Down/ Requiem/ The Wait/ Wardance/ Eighties/ Rubicon.

and for the other Jamie, similar sets
28 September 1986: London, Hammersmith Palais

Setlist: Intro/Twilight of the Mortals/Chessboards/Kings & Queens/Darkness Before Dawn/Night Time/Love Like Blood/Love Of The Masses/Sanity/Sun Goes Down/The Wait/Requiem/Eighties/Wardance

On 22 Jul 2014, at 17:41, T.B. <planetary at socal.rr.com> wrote:

> Must have been quite a short show. Doubt they played 'A Southern Sky'
> or the bonus tracks either so, what's that, six songs? A red hot half an
> hour.

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