[kj] Pink Floyd and Two-Degrees of Killing Joke:

Paul Rangecroft paul.rangecroft at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 04:38:36 EDT 2014

Must have been quite a short show. Doubt they played 'A Southern Sky'
or the bonus tracks either so, what's that, six songs? A red hot half
an hour.

On 7/21/14, fatpotanga <fatpotanga at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1st time I saw them was the BTATS tour at a half full Manchester Apollo
> They were superb.
> I think the only song they didn't play off BTATS was Adorations which
> disappointed me.
> Twilight really stood out, as did Love of the Masses for the bassline.
> There was no older stuff, no encore. Nothing off Night Time as I recall
> although I may be wrong.
> Extremities, I recall seeing them a few times close together both before &
> after it's release.
> I remember thinking how tried & run down Jaz looked at one of them. He
> struggled through Age of Greed having to pause between lines.
> I guess Extremities was all about musically kicking back at the industry,
> righting the wrongs of OTG, but also paying some bills?
> On 21 Jul 2014, at 19:41, adrianwason at btinternet.com wrote:
>> I got the impression that the atmosphere was red hot on the btats tour,
>> was a bit flat at the end of the extremities tour despite the music
>> because they were going there separate ways again

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