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I got the impression that the atmosphere was red hot on the btats tour,
was a bit flat at the end of the extremities tour despite the music because they were going there separate ways again
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That's interesting. I got the impression from bootlegs and official
live releases that the atmosphere was a bit flat, but maybe that just
shows you how misleading they can be.

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> Funnily enough, I have very fond memories of the Brighter tour.  The line-up
> was extraordinarily tight, and although the studio releases were on the path
> that would soon lead to Outside The Gate, the live sound was the aggressive
> stomp that we know and love.
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> Indeed. Wish I'd been at the BTATS shows too, just to be able to say I
> heard those songs live. You can get a bit of a sense for what the
> original album would have sounded like with the YouTube clips, anyway.
> Agree with Ade that Democracy demos would be interesting. Perhaps we
> could start a Kickstarter campaign going to pay Youth the £150,000 or
> so to undo the damage?
> 'Aeon' isn't a bad song but I'd be lying if I said I listened to it a
> lot. Appropriately named as it seems to last an eternity. 'Absent
> Friends' captures the sentiment well but I don't listen to KJ for that
> particular sweet sorrow. Generally I listen to them because it's the
> music that most articulately expresses the insanely fucked-up nature
> of the world we live in, but sometimes just because they're damn good
> tunes.
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>> Still.  Wish I'd been there!
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