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Hiya Paul,
Yes we need a before Democracy recording probably much more than Before The Gate(although that sounds a bit like an Indian Restaurant)
Still love Aeon and Absent Friends though...
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Yes, that rings a bell, Jamie.

We had a bootleg from Amsterdam '96 gig on the old site. Don't have it
anymore but it must be knocking around someone. Jon will probably have
it. Never gave it much of a listen because the quality wasn't great
and they were obviously stoned out of their minds because the playing
wasn't very good either, which is really rare for them. But I do
recall it sounded different so, yes, the loops could have been in.

On 7/18/14, Jamie Hewson <fatpotanga at gmail.com> wrote:
> Agreed. I think I remember him saying he wrote and played all his parts
> high up to complement them but youth took them out to make it more US radio
> friendly?
> Am I right in believing that the few live shows for Democracy had the
> loops?
> I seem to remember someone on here saying as much but I may be wrong.
> Would love to hear a version with them back in but it'll never happen.
> On Friday, July 18, 2014, Paul Rangecroft <paul.rangecroft at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Geordie said in some video interview online that originally the
>> Democracy album had lots of dance loops in the mixes (not unlike the
>> previous album, obviously) and that his guitar parts were written to
>> complement them. Youth then removed the dance loops late in the
>> production process but there was no opportunity for Geordie to
>> rerecord his guitars.
>> I believe Savage Freedom was an exception to this and the mix on the
>> album is Geordie's. It's the only song from the album that I listen to
>> on a regular basis.
>> I do have a lot of respect for Youth as a producer but that was not
>> his finest hour.
>> On 7/18/14, jpwhkj at aol.com <j_avascript:;> <jpwhkj at aol.com <j_avascript:;>>
>> wrote:
>> > Yep, it's far from being KJ's worst effort.  I was disappointed at the
>> time,
>> > partly because my expectations were high after Pandemonium, and partly
>> > because the tour fizzled out.  And Geordie's criticism is probably
>> fair...
>> >
>> >
>> > I'd love to see some of the tracks live... Aeon especially.
>> >
>> >
>> > Jamie
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