[kj] I had my doubts..

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Im about 3/4ths through (well the pdf )

I don't know if its the same format/order as the book, but it does jump
around a lot.

I think one has to really be a core fan/'gatherer' to have it have any
real relevance.
He does have some cool recounts and gives some details on time periods,
song lyrics etc, that are interesting- , but he spends a good bit of time
meticulously detailing some of his personal accounts on the island that I
just dont see an outsider having much interest in (though I personally enjoy
it, find it interesting, and had a hard timing putting it down at certain

The occult ramblings I find interesting , can follow most of it, but a
lot of it is technical and doesn't provide much practical application
(although I have added a few things from it to a presentation that I do)-- I
dont he was too concerned about that,, but I guess it provides an interesting
peek into that head of his-- which I also dont thnk it quite as tidy and
structured as the book presents, but that would pretty much go for anyone.

as for the 'order of kaph' -- not sure who he got to do his logo designs!
(if book has same ones as the pdf)
but sounds like he could be lookin' for a few good gatherers to join the
ranks at some point..

yes Jaz does mention some of the promiscuity that went in during those
raucous 80's years, but didn't seem to do it in a bragging sort of way- if
that was different, then it could have made me lose a little respect for him.

I do plan to finish , and then get the book to re read- I would personally
invest the time in a double read .
I find it stimulating and most of the books I have to read are generally
people taking (similiar) complex info and making it more streamlined and
friendly- this is somewhat the opposite, so (to me) it makes it a bit


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So Alex what would you rate this. A, B, C, etc. I'm a fan boy but I'm
wearing thin on all of these Pledge drives. But I am a Colsey fan

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I too have been graced with my long awaited copy. As has been noted, the
pages are crazy thin and the font is wicked small. It is mercifully in a sort
of chronological order, so skimming about (because, say, you DON'T want to
read about a Jaz's ruminations on any number of strenuously esoteric
matters) is possible.

Some observations:

1. Jaz was a bit promiscuous.
2. Raven apparently didn't contribute much to the song-writing effort.
3. There are lots of charts that look like the sort of thing Wyle E.
Coyote would draw up were he more obsessed with Thomas Malthus' eugenics and the
occult instead of catching that rascally roadrunner.

I'll going to endeavor to do the full read, though.

Ale xin NYC

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