[kj] I had my doubts..

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So Alex what would you rate this. A, B, C, etc. I'm a fan boy but I'm wearing thin on all of these Pledge drives. But I am a Colsey fan

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I too have been graced with my long awaited copy. As has been noted, the pages are crazy thin and the font is wicked small. It is mercifully in a sort of chronological order, so skimming about (because, say, you DON'T want to read about a Jaz's ruminations on any number of strenuously esoteric matters) is possible.
Some observations:
1. Jaz was a bit promiscuous. 2. Raven apparently didn't contribute much to the song-writing effort.3. There are lots of charts that look like the sort of thing Wyle E. Coyote would draw up were he more obsessed with Thomas Malthus' eugenics and the occult instead of catching that rascally roadrunner.

I'll going to endeavor to do the full read, though.
Ale xin NYC

On Jan 24, 2014, at 1:43 PM, The Stranger wrote:But "Letters from Cythera" has made it through the US customs office and is now in my very hands!
Looks great. Very professionally done. Nice work Colesy!
Can't wait to try to get my neural net wrapped around what's inside..
Thanks for doing it, Jaz.

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