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As expected, there's a lot of filler - but also enough for one great album.
I guess it depends
on whether the thought of dub reggae versions of KJ songs horrifies you or
not. Barely a day goes
by when I don't listen to reggae or ska so personally I'm all for it, but I
can understand resistance
to the idea. Anyway what exactly makes a 'dub' is a loose concept, and no
surprise, there's a lot
of Orb-style ambient noodling here that grows a bit tedious after a while.

Still, the biggest surprise for me was The Raven King - not a song I listen
to much in its original form - but
this version is beautiful and bass heavy in equal measure, and bought a
lump to my throat. Sure, Youth's
dubs ain't subtle - he prefers to throw everything and the kitchen sink
into the mix, and sometimes
you wish he'd just let the bass and drums speak - but there are some great
driving pounding dubs here.
Labyrinth, Love Like Blood (another surprise, never thought that would
work) and Corporate Elect are
all excellent. Of the non-reggae dubs, I think the
dubstep/grime/garage/whatever the young people are calling it nowadays
version of Money Is Not Our God (Babylon Dub) is the most effective - bass
bass and more bass.

Biggest complaint is that the early stuff is missing - was really hoping
for those Turn to Red/Nervous System/Madness
dubs, a real shame they have been overlooked and instead we get 3 versions
of ESS (although I really like
the Lizard dub), 2 versions of This World Hell and 2 versions of In
Cythera, which don't do much for me. But Tomorrow's World is immense.

Still working my way through it, but generally an impressive effort

On 11 January 2014 23:00, Rob Moss <rob.moss at gmx.com> wrote:

> I reckon Youth has down a grand job with the new mixes. Some good uns.

> Admittedly only had a run through and a half but impressed.



> Thoughts?

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