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The PDF version is apparently an old, draft, some three or four years
old now. It was leaked by someone other than Jaz.


On 29/01/2014 6:03 pm, adrianwason at btinternet.com wrote:

> i've nearly finished the pdf

> is it much different to the book?

> the pdf always fondly remembers Raven

> Cant recall much about Jaz being promiscuous

> There are some very interesting passages in the pdf-about

> Geordie/keyboard players lighter fuel!

> I've read a lot late at night after a few glasses of wine so will prob

> have to read the real one which is only right.

> Whats the cd like??

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> Im about 3/4ths through (well the pdf )

> I don't know if its the same format/order as the book, but it does

> jump around a lot.

> I think one has to really be a core fan/'gatherer' to have it

> have any real relevance.

> He does have some cool recounts and gives some details on time

> periods, song lyrics etc, that are interesting- , but he spends a good

> bit of time meticulously detailing some of his personal accounts on

> the island that I just dont see an outsider having much interest in

> (though I personally enjoy it, find it interesting, and had a hard

> timing putting it down at certain points)

> The occult ramblings I find interesting , can follow most of it, but

> a lot of it is technical and doesn't provide much practical

> application (although I have added a few things from it to a

> presentation that I do)-- I dont he was too concerned about that,, but

> I guess it provides an interesting peek into that head of his-- which

> I also dont thnk it quite as tidy and structured as the book presents,

> but that would pretty much go for anyone.

> as for the 'order of kaph' -- not sure who he got to do his logo

> designs! (if book has same ones as the pdf)

> but sounds like he could be lookin' for a few good gatherers to join

> the ranks at some point..

> yes Jaz does mention some of the promiscuity that went in during those

> raucous 80's years, but didn't seem to do it in a bragging sort of

> way- if that was different, then it could have made me lose a little

> respect for him.

> I do plan to finish , and then get the book to re read- I would

> personally invest the time in a double read .

> I find it stimulating and most of the books I have to read are

> generally people taking (similiar) complex info and making it more

> streamlined and friendly- this is somewhat the opposite, so (to me) it

> makes it a bit interesting..

> Adam

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> So Alex what would you rate this. A, B, C, etc. I'm a fan boy

> but I'm wearing thin on all of these Pledge drives. But I am a

> Colsey fan


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> I too have been graced with my long awaited copy. As has been

> noted, the pages are crazy thin and the font is wicked small. It

> is mercifully in a sort of chronological order, so skimming about

> (because, say, you DON'T want to read about a Jaz's ruminations on

> any number of strenuously esoteric matters) is possible.


> Some observations:


> 1. Jaz was a bit promiscuous.

> 2. Raven apparently didn't contribute much to the song-writing effort.

> 3. There are lots of charts that look like the sort of thing Wyle

> E. Coyote would draw up were he more obsessed with Thomas Malthus'

> eugenics and the occult instead of catching that rascally roadrunner.



> I'll going to endeavor to do the full read, though.


> Ale xin NYC


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