[kj] KJ doc screening in Finland: This Friday

Rheinhold Squeegee kjlist at live.com
Wed Nov 13 19:57:16 EST 2013

First New Zealand, now Finland, and with two days notice to boot. Book your tickets now 'cause they sure ain't making it easy.

I assume the next screening will be on a random iPhone somewhere in Central America; oh, let's say Belize.

Friday 15th November at 7.45pm, The Death and Resurrection Show in a Finnish premiere, a documentary about the all-time cult band, Killing Joke.

The Death and Resurrection Show tells
the incredible story of post-punk, gothic and industrial rock legend
Killing Joke. The band, formed in 1978, is known for occultism,
provocations, and visions about the apocalypse, but also for hypnotic
rhythms, unholy guitar sounds of Geordie Walker and the manic
expressiveness of the band’s mystic vocalist Jaz Coleman. “You have to
remember that Killing Joke started as a ritual.”

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