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Well after that , I didnt want to take advantage of her or the situation , so I wandered back to my Hotel .....when I got back, She was there outside the hotel in an extremely agitated mood and a very noisy argument ensued at 4 am in the morning and the next day I got asked to leave the hotel .
She was jobless and I was homeless , so I went to her apartment and asked whether I could leave my stuff there whilst I went to find another hotel....so I went for a walk outside pretending to look for a hotel , when I got bck She asked whether I wanted to move into her apartment with her.......and three years later, Im still there......... AND we had a little boy a few days ago :)

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Pete – is she in good nick? I’ll give you $50.

(Although what you were doing leaving a bar in a one-piece, I don’t want to know.)

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Well, for what it's worth, if you both managed to get out of there in one piece, I think you did the right thing.


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Well , as you asked...........I left the UK about 18 months ago to spend some time abroad , didnt really have any plans or timespan , it was about September time and the long winter was coming and instinct told me to fly towards the sun , so off east I went to Thailand , I had a night flight and as I took off I could see the sun setting on Englands green and pleasant land , I left all my belongings behind (Budget airlines have a strict luggage weight policy and clothes are quite cheap in Asia ) , I arrived at my destination..........jeeezz, it was hot and humid , 120 in the shade , decided to go to the North border , it was quite far away in a quiter place than Bangkok , climate was cooler as well .
I was wandering around the bars one night looking for one that had live football in , "What game do you want to watch" the barlady asked , I told her and she switched channels and put the game on , I went in side and got myself a beer , "Do you want to buy me a drink too" , she asked , "No I didnt " I told her . "You wanna play pool" she asked , "No I didnt I told her . "He dived" She shouted out . "Foul"......."Look , if I buy you a drink, will you shut the fuck up and let me watch football" She nodded her head anf I got her a drink . 30 minutes later "Offside" she shouted , "Have you finished your drink" I asked , she smiled and nodded , you want another one I asked , another nod and a smile .
Half time came and we had a game of pool , the football game finished and I went home .
The following week I was wandering around looking for a bar to watch football in , wandered past the same bar asked the same Lady whether I could watch football or not , she said that I could so I got myself and her a drink watched the game and went home , a few nights later I was passing the same bar and dropped by for a beer and the Lady looked quite upset and I asked her why and She just shrugged her shoulders , anyway I got us a drink and we began playing pool , the bar owner then told her to go and she said that she wanted to stay and play pool , the bar owner then came and gave her a slap around the face and told her to go , "Whys that I asked" "I ve sold her to another bar" the owner replied and pointed to some guy standing in the corner , my friend was quite upset by this time , "has he bought you I asked " She nodded her head .

I walked over to him,pool cue still in hand , "have you just bought my friend " I asked, he said he had. I asked him how much he paid
.He told me. I got the money out my pocket and gave the money to him back andI told him that she didnt want to go......walked back to the pool table............................"my shot or yours"

It then got a bit hostile in there with the bar owner, the other bar owner and my friend all shouting at each other.

So we departed .

"Thanks for helping me" She said .

Its OK, its my Judeo/Christian morality, i thought to myself............nothing to do with the fact that she was quite pretty , nice to have a half time game of pool with and that she had a nice figure........nothing to do with that at all...it was my Judaeo-Christian morality......

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i wonder how Peter West is doing.........

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