[kj] I was a Killing Joke

Tracey Higgins traceymh at icloud.com
Sat Nov 2 00:43:30 EDT 2013

Hi Gatherers.
I just purchased and read 'I was a Killing Joke' by Jodi C King. I'm wondering if anyone else has read it and your thoughts on it. Basically it's about a fan and her life involved around our beautiful Killing Joke. Being new to this wonderful site, this topic may have been discussed. I also purchased Hookys 'Unknown Pleasures' which is a pleasure to read because he's such a crack up. I was lucky enough to meet him when he played in Brisbane 3 years ago. I called out to him outback and asked if he'd sign my cd and that I'd been waiting 30 yrs. he promptly came over, gave me a bear hug, kissed both cheeks. Had a photo and a chat with him and his son Jack who played and who received a birthday cake as he was 21 that day. Got an autograph too. What a lovely down to earth bloke. None of this meet n greet. Anyway, would like to hear your thoughts on book. Can't wait to get 'Letters From Cythera' which Colesy says we'll get January
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