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i used to work out to extremities but didn't want to spoil it by listening to it too much!
So working out to Unsane/Godflesh/October File/Alec Empire/Celan etc
Some particularly good tracks to wind you up on a vicious work out:
October File-Munitions Crusade(or anything on Holy Armour)Crawl/Corporate Evasion/Dredge/September
Tomahawk-Quiet Few
Godflesh-Engames/Whose Truth is Your Truth/Control Freak/Most stuff from the second side of Hymns
Unsane-Against The Grain/Scrape/Backslider/Killing Time/Rat/No Chance

Keep up the strength and stamina you never know when the mosh pit might get rough again!!!!
Happy New Year to All!

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Great effort there Tracy , I usually work out once a week listening to Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove or if Im in a hurry , I stick Pssyche on and get it over and done with

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> I also absolutely love extremities. Geordies amazing hypnotic guitar and Jazs gut wrenching soul tearing vocals. I actually work out to this album everyday or sometimes Hosannas. They give you that determination to 'push yourself beyond the limit of human endurance'.

> And Happy New Year to all you wonderful Gatherers around the globe

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