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Best New Album-Senser-To The Capsules/Crimson Red Prefab Sprout/Tomahawk Oddfellows
Best New Track-Tomahawk-White Hats/Black Hats/Best Jewel Thief In the World Prefab Sprout/Echelon Senser
Best Newly Heard Track-Senser-Infoburner 101-This is a totally amazing track if no-one has ever heard it before
Best Newly Heard Album-Suprisingly !!! B52S Funplex-Went under my radar totally in 2008 but I bought this a week ago and cant stop playing it-better than the last 2 studio albums they did
Best Live Gig-Senser Bogiez 15 3 13 Roger Hodgson(Supertramp)-Albert Hall May 2013
Most Disappointing Live Gig-Killing Joke-the day after(Only cos they were so good when live with raven atkins playing extremities stuff)
Most suprising live gig-The Ozric Tentacles November 2013
Biggest load of shit-One Direction(with daughter)

Albums Most Looking Forward in 2014
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