[kj] KJ-related holiday time wasters:

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Tue Dec 17 11:00:27 EST 2013

Quote about Youth and his production work on the upcoming Sam Roberts Band album:

"We worked insanely long hours, and after three days of that you're
almost in a hallucinogenic state," Roberts says. "Youth would be in the
control room with his Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned, dancing and doing oil
painting interpretations of the songs while we were recording, and we're
thinking, 'My God, we've got a madman at the helm!'"


I actually don't hate these guys.
New covers:

"Eighties" on a ukulele:
At least it isn't the usual gargle-metal

Subdued "The Wait" demo with thrash vocals:
Starts around the 18:00 mark

And these guys from Japan doing "Complecation":
I have nothing else to say.

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