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Shit - that's awful.

Here's hoping for the best for them both...


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Oxford ended rather badly, not the gig itself but afterwards Michelle Milarski &
on Chapman got set upon by some guy in town & it apparently went on for about
5 minutes or so. They were both hit repeatedly & Jon's lost some teeth.
Michelle had explained further in a f/b thread but I think it's been removed. It
as all totally unprovoked & maybe it being St Patrick's Day with 7 hours of
ontinuous Six Nations rugby on pub screens had some bearing on events.
It's such a horrible & senseless thing to be caught up in. I only hope Jon
asn't suffered any lasting damage but from what he's posted, it sounds pretty
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n 18 Mar 2012, at 12:52, Daniel Corvo <danielcorvo at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:

> Loved the Oxford gig, enjoyed it more than the Roundhouse gig despite the lack

f visuals, felt the full force of BPF's drums and I thought that Jaz sang very
ell... Jordie was immense as usual. Loved it!!!

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It's very quiet... has everyone been worn out by the flurry of Joke-ness?

How were Pompey and Oxford?

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