[kj] Advance copies of MMXII:

Rheinhold Squeegee kjlist at live.com
Thu Mar 1 15:42:28 EST 2012

...seem to be floating around all over the place. I've seen multiple mentions today from reviewers and entertainment reports, such as :

By the way, the new album from Killing Joke is playing on the office stereo as we prepare this here guide to the month in gigs – and by Jaga’s beard that shit is epic. It is MMXII, after all. You can have a sneak peek ahead of its April release yourself when founding fathers Jaz Coleman, Geordie, Youth and Big Paul bring the thunder to Glasgow ABC on 12 Mar. As important to new wave and post punk as they were to industrial rock, there’s simply no overstating the importance of this band. Joe Cardamone presents his reassembled vision of the incendiary The Icarus Line on the side.

I would never encourage theft but we all know we're going to buy the new album in multiple formats regardless. Somebody's got to have leaked this to a torrent somewhere already...

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