[kj] Your Favourite KJ albums in order

Peter Moltesen sneakypete at uwclub.net
Mon Jul 16 12:54:33 EDT 2012

off the cuff..............

1. Democracy - this was the one where KJ became a band that I loved as
opposed to a band I'd heard and quite liked. It was the guitar that really
got me Thanks for lending it to me Mike :o)
2. Whats THIS for - timeless classic
3. KJ 1980 - ditto
4. KJ 2003 - a mix of good and less good, but when its good.............
5. Ha!
6. Extremities
7. Absolute Dissent
9. Night Time
10. Pandaemonium - I played this to death when I got it, but I don't feel
the need to listen to it now. Apart from Exorcism, which remains jaw
droppingly powerful.
11. BTATS - I so LOATHE that shiny glossy 1980s prodution and was never able
to get past it, until recently - there are some good songs on there
12. OTG - mainly because My love of this Land is one of my favourite songs
(KJ or otherwise) - there are a few other moments too
13. Fire Dances - not bad but nothing stands out for me either
14. Revelations - never liked it. Sorry. I've tried but I just don't get it
- for me it plods when it should grind - what am I missing?
15. Hosannas - awful production, the songs are waaay too long. Jaz' voice is
fucked. I can't listen to it. Wretched.

An album featuring all the Malicious Damage stuff compiled on Chaos for
Breakfast would have featured inthe top 2 or 3


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