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Great track (and lots of Stranglers fans on the list).

Who'd have won a fight between JJ and Big Paul?

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This track reminded me of departed hero Paul Raven and KJ. The Stranglers were also making trips to Iceland and getting into Norse mythology at the time.

"Fly straight with perfection
Find me a new direction
You never realised the things they said
We'll never realise until we're dead

The fires they burned along the coast of triumphs
The ebony embittered souls of children
We'll seek another way before too long
But will you stop my wind before I'm gone

And when you find me all alone
Your world has never been my own

And when you find me
And when you find me all alone
Your world has never been my own

My friend you're black and when you fly you're wild
I am white sometimes I behave like a child
The Northern Seas are cold but they're our own
We'll sail your southern seas before too long

When I was a Viking
My friend he was the Raven"


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