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I think you're all making a lot of assumptions based on nothing. The Joke moves in mysterious ways; and talks about mental health issues or similar are best left out of this

Luca Signorelli

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Here's hoping Jaz returns safe and well, but the line in In Cythera: "If, I don't return..." is a bit worrying.

I wonder if he heard about the tragic incident in Denver, Colorado when gunman James Holmes, who told police: "I am the Joker" after killing 12 people at a midnight screening of the film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises? According to media reports Holmes had consulted a psychiatrist before his shooting spree. Didn't Jaz mention The Joker actor, Heath Ledger in interviews, and that Jaz himself was offered a part in a film as The Joker?

Or is it more likely Jaz's mysterious disappearance is connected to the Mayan End of the Age predictions, for December 21st 2012?

Didn't Jaz suffer on occasions "breakdown", "depression", was "in genuine need of psychiatric help" and that when he didn't wear the mask he suffered "derangement"?
I myself had mental health problems a few years ago, so I know how tough it can be.

Here is a Personality Disorder Test for you all to try. Its important to answer the questions honestly. It will only take a few minutes of your time:


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