[kj] KJ perform "Rapper's Delight" from 1980: Um. Wow.

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Thu Apr 5 12:47:52 EDT 2012

yeah I gotcha, I wouldn't use the word awesome but only in a fully
sarcastic or half sarcastic way.
but it was funny to think Jaz liked it enough to know all the lyrics. I
remember loving it but not ever caring to memorize all the lyrics.
Yeah Jaz mentioning Chic as a fave, I listened to plenty of Chic as a
"tween"ager..just one of those things..


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Sorry Adam,i was taking the piss,i do think it's great.....i just hate the
word awesome ! anyway,on a tour in 2010 Killing Joke played a Lenny
Kravitz song( i think it was him ) and a rather impressive Back In Black.! I
suppose if it wasn't for Killing Joke i wouldn't have 'liked' some 70's
disco/rock. Rappers Delight is a good tune but was not aware of it's effect on
the music scene.

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