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Jim Harper jimharper666 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 11 07:43:46 EDT 2011

Afternoon laydeez and genulmen. I'm posting this because I know there's a number of Murphy/Bauhaus fans on the list.
I picked up Murphy latest album this morning. I'm a bit iffy on solo Murphy- there are great tracks on the first four albums, but his most recent works have failed to impress me. However, Ninth is rather good. Exceptionally good, actually. For a start, it's better than the reformed Bauhaus album (which I also liked). It's also one of his best solo albums. There are moments that aren't quite as good ('Peace to Each' is a little too close to a Velvet Revolver song), but most of it's great and the best tracks are *really* good. Like 'Seesaw Sway':
Worth checking out, at least.
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