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KJ "entirely European"?

That'll be aside from Jaz (50% Indian). And also aside from the massive reggae / dub influence.

I know you qualified it, but....

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I'm definitely interested!
Despite Ozzy's many blunders over the past few decades (which I completely blame on his domineering wife, Sharon), I still consider the original lineup of Sabbath as one of the few bands that actually evoke a primitive emotion that I think may be present in a considerable percentage of Gatherers' DNA.
Bands like KJ, Neurosis and Tool (who worship at the altar of KJ) are aware of the effect that their music has upon their die-hard fans, and are able to articulate that; others just seem to stumble upon it - which (to me) doesn't render them any less significant.
I know KJ (or at least Jaz) consider their music entirely European (with obvious World/Eastern influences), but there is a primitive beauty to amplified, repetitive, pentatonic riffs (which Geordie, Youth and Raven have utilized to great effect). They are not only present in bands such as our beloved KJ, but (obviously) Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hawkwind, Crimson, etc. Raven was a certified Hesher, and one could make the argument that Geezer Butler had an influence on Youth (although probably not as much as 'The Basement Five'). I applaud bands that operate sans image/label - the ones that get the dopamine flowing through your brain - if it takes Peter Gabriel dressing like a fox, Maynard painting himself green, or Jaz making himself up as a jester, it's just part of the ritual - those bands have the goods to back their shit up. Cheers!

P.S. This is why I applaud Brendan's fandom of Soundgarden - as long as it has nothing to do with Chris Cornell's pectoral muscles...

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back together..new album..headline Download and world tour..anyone other than me interested?

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