[kj] r a v e n' s eldest looking for submissions for project/exhibition on his dear dad

damon cook soundmagick at gmail.com
Wed May 25 20:48:05 EDT 2011

dear gatherers,
much has occured within the past fortnightish.

i won't go into any of it here other than my partner with thee secret
service of love ,Joleen Knight,is sitting at home in her new flat in seattle
tonight the 25th of may,the scheduled date of theKJ gig at neumo's that she
somehow knew was never going to occur in her weirding way...

anyways,there's this thing,very queer it is,not quite sure how to explain it
but recently this person Pythias Apotheosizor Raven started a group there
called "The Gathering" and somehow i got an invite[there's 104 members as of
now] it's an open group,anyone can join i guess i dunno.

but anyway i checke dit today and Vincent Feit posted this

hello gatherers!
ive got a big favour to ask, ive been doing an ongoing project on my father,
paul vincent raven, in which im collecting as many photos and background
information on them as i can, and then finally exhibiting a book or
collected framed photos. if youd like to take part of this, or just want to
help me out, feel free to message me and i will pass you on the details. a
scanned copy would be amazing already. thanks already in advance

amazingly enuff,my boss at invisible Martin Atkins chimed in with an

anyway im just passing on the intel and giving everyone here a heads up for
an alternate outlet for geeking out on out love for our lads

here's tha link



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